Why change idea?

Script: insert


I have been speaking to many young women about the difficulties of growing from a girl into a women. This film isn’t necessarily about mental health but the thoughts many people have through these stages of life. Some spoke about being stuck, some about not knowing what they want in life and some about men. What they all had in common was that they all felt caged.

I have taken these stories and written them into this script to hopefully cover the many issues many people have at a young age as they transition from adolescence into adulthood and the changes that we didn’t know were waiting for us.

The film will be set as a recording as my voice actress reads this statement alongside the clips I will be editing alongside to show the story visually.


Shooting Date: The voice recording is set for 9th August. The footage will be shot throughout July and August. Location: PCA Recording Studio

Characters/Cast: Narrator (voice only), female, early 20’s

Crew: 1 – Myself and help from fellow filmmakers

Equipment: Cannon 600D, Recording Studio