Written by: Lydia Adkinson

Edited by: Freya Beavis

(insert script)


Due to the timescale I have available to me, I have had to taken into consideration the time I will have to not only film with the equipment being made available to me from early July onward, but also the time needed to edit in time for the summer show. I have kept the location and actors to a minimum to save that little bit of extra time in pre-production.

With only minor experience in writing for comedy, I have asked another writer who has worked on more comedy projects (scripts and the production of the films) to look over my script and edit where she sees necessary. Undoubtedly I feel I needed this little bit of extra guidance to not only give my script a greater quality but to learn how I can do this with future scripts. Once my editor, Freya has finished touching up the script, we have decided to meet and discuss why she has made certain changes and why she thinks the script will benefit from these choices.

(insert edited script with freya’s notes)



Your flight is cancelled/delayed

Your room is haunted, but don’t worry it’s a friendly ghost

It never usually rains here but we’ve had more rain this week than we’ve had in the past five years

I haven’t got them – I thought YOU had the passports


You don’t even need to speak the local lingo to know that any sentence that begins with ‘ah… problemo’ isn’t going to bode well. Whether it’s to do with hotels, taxis, restaurants, transport or shopping – you can be sure that any phrase along these lines is going to cause a headache.

“I’ve fallen in love with the waiter, I want a divorce!”

This was supposed to be a second honeymoon. You think it’s going well, until your wife announces: “I’ve had more attention from Pablo the waiter in the last two days than you’ve given me in the last 10 years. He’s asked me to be with him, we’ve got a connection.” You try and tell her that “the only connection he’s got with you is my wallet,” but she’s fallen hook, line and sinker for the professional sleazeball and says she’s ready for a divorce. Holiday from hell…

Insist on speaking the English language, but with some kind of inexplicable accent over the top.

“Uh, can I get le taxi to le beach?” a member of your holiday party will ask. Just because you put some kind of foreign preposition before an English word does not mean the person you’re speaking to will miraculously understand it.

Drink all day every day

There’s just something about being on holiday that drives us to it. Sometimes we don’t even wait until midday before cracking open the cervezas and the vodka Fanta Limón. Hmm, on second thoughts maybe that’s just me.

Buy an anklet

Or a toe-ring, or any of the other useless tat we stumble upon while perusing markets abroad. We think it’ll make us look free-spirited and well-travelled, but in reality it just gets a bit grubby and frays in the shower.