This course has been about developing myself as a filmmaker and exploring ways of promoting my film editing practice. By the end of this module I will have created a short film to along with my research and writing. This film will also be shown in the MA show in September. Along with my research blog I will have included the development of this short film which will be supported by the Production Schedule, Script and story development.

With great thought and reflection, my first plan for my MA show film was to continue with my film from module 201. However, after taking in the consideration on the time, equipment and bodies I need to complete such a film, I have decided to create a new concept for a short film. With part of my practice being promotion and film advertisement, I have compromised and produced a script for a 5 minute film about a travel agent filming his own advert. With the main genre being comedy we follow this character as he promotes his role as a holiday salesman while slowly becoming more vulgar, however honest, about what we look for in a holiday.

Alongside my short film, I am continuing to expand my progress on the commercial income from my film-making and editing skills. This will be evidenced by the development of marketing materials for my editing company (which I began to construct in the previous module), identification of local competitors, development of a client base among local businesses and a development strategy for the company.

The research I have conducted for the previous modules have been very vast, whereas the research this module will be more set for myself and the development of my own personal, entrepreneurial business. With this, I am planning to create a website for my practice and company to sit alongside my research.


Reading List:

  • Entrepreneur Revolution: How to develop your Entrepreneurial Mind-set and Start a Business that works/ Written by: Daniel Priestly
  • In the Blink of an Eye/ Written by: Walter Murch
  • Promotional Marketing: How to Create, Implement & Integrate Campaigns that really work/ Written by: Roddy Mullin